Friday, August 30, 2013

"Lobstering" in the Keys

Catch of the Day
My exceptionally fun summer did not end with Franklin, NC.  When I got home from NC I unpacked, washed clothes, repacked and headed to Marathon in the Keys.  Of course, there isn't much to pack when you are in a bathing suit all day.
Me and my brother

Harry, my son David and his family and I joined my brother and other family members to go "Lobstering".  As you see in this photo we succeeded in catching our limit (4 per person in the boat per day).

Not everyone looking for lobster on the ocean bottom finds them.  My brother, Don, is an exceptional fisherman.  He has "lobstered" for many years in the water around Marathon and knows where to go in that great big ocean to catch the limit each day.

It was great to be with family!  And great to have a lobster feast with all the trimmings prepared by my super sister-in-law Nancy.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fly Fishing in North Carolina

Harry and I learned to Fly Fish while in Franklin this summer.  I have always thought this would be great fun so we gave it a try.  And guess what?  I was right!!!

It is wonderful to be outdoors in such a beautiful setting, water rushing around your legs with mountains in the distance.   THAT was the fun part.  The UNFUN part was trying to walk in rushing, icy cold water on slippery rocks dressed in boots and waders.  But I am proud to say I didn't fall in!!!

We didn't catch anything but I can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Summer Vacation

School has started and somewhere I know a teacher is asking students to write about what they did during their summer break.  So, I too, will write a little bit about what I did this summer.

My husband and I scouted out and found a lovely campground in Franklin, NC.  We rented it for the year and spent most of the summer there.  It was cooler than Florida, not as muggy and fewer bugs.

We have a 32 foot pull camper trailer with all the necessary elements: beds, kitchen, dining table, bathroom, etc. ..all the comforts of home....yep, even air conditioning.

This is a very small camp ground with just 14 camp sites.  The river is just a few feet from our camper so I can hear the water moving along and enjoy seeing people in inner tubes float by. I spent a lot of time sitting by the river reading during the day and then watching fire flies/lightening bugs in the evenings.

We did a lot of sight seeing, played tennis, kayaked and I even painted a little.  It was a delightful summer.  Now I can't wait for the fall and watch the leaves change color.