Saturday, August 22, 2009

Studio Preview Opening

The is how the studio space looked while we were working on it. We did not have a great deal to do, thank goodness.

Sharon and I had butterflies as we put final touches on the gallery. Hanging the paintings was a lot of fun. It is great to see your work exhibited in a beautiful space with perfect lighting.

Our goal is to promote art, artists and art groups in Marion County. So, it was great to have Dr. Leslie Hammond, President of Artistic Eye Fine Art Services, LLC attend the opening. Check out her web site L-R Leslie, Sharon, Teri
Leslie was out with pal and birthday girl Teri Carey.

And of course, we were especially pleased to have Nancy Ledding,
Director of Brick City Center for the Arts come by to welcome us
to the neighborhood.

My very good friend and wonderful artist Susan Cassens made the long 3 hour drive from Ft. Pierce to surprise me. She and I had a similar studio/gallery almost 20 years ago.

The preview opening was a success. Many friends, relatives, collectors and people enjoying "Ladies Night Out" came in to welcome the new kids on the block.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving In

We got our CO --- Certificate of Occupancy---yesterday! Now we just need to get the electricity turned on. The walls are patched and painted. The new trac-lights are installed. The floor is mopped. The huge plateglass windows have been cleaned. Next comes the art work!!
We are on track for our soft opening, which is a preview with not much fanfare, scheduled for Thursday, August 20. Ocala sponsors a "Girls Night Out" each month, with stores staying open later in the evening for extended shopping and dinning. This will give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to the public in a relaxed atmosphere before our Gala Opening in September.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The studio/gallery is beginning to come together. The wall color is bold and striking with everyone who enters commenting on it. So, Sharon and I have decided to keep it...which means less work for us. We can always paint over it in the future if we want to.

The space was previously used as a dance studio and had a full wall of mirrors. We donated the mirrors to a wonderful new Performing Arts Center for young people in downtown Ocala. They removed the mirrors and are patching the wall.

The current ceiling lights are certainly adequate, but art needs really good lighting. After searching Ocala (I always try to buy locally) for track lights nothing met our needs. So, off to IKEA in Orlando where we found the perfect lights...and on sale!!

Next week the patched wall will be painted, lights will be installed (thanks to our husbands) and then...drum roll please....we get to hang our paintings!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Venture

Good friend and great artist Sharon Crute and I are opening a studio/gallery for our own work. We both are extremely excited and looking forward to this adventure. The shop is in a prime spot in historic Ocala just off "the square" where everything happens.

There isn't much to do to the space but, we will be working the month of August painting the walls, installing track lighting, hanging our art work and setting up our painting areas. Thank goodness both Sharon and I have wonderful husbands who have volunteered to help with the labor. Our target date to open to the public is September 1.

Not only can you see, and purchase, our finished paintings but you can watch as we create new ones. I will keep you updated as we progress.