Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Ready For A Show

Normally my studio is somewhat organized.  We all least us artists know.....that our studio is never 100% organized.  This photo shows how my studio looks most of the time when I am painting on my normal schedule.

I go into overdrive getting ready for a show, painting all day and into the evenings, everything gets forgotten except the painting on the easel.  When not actually painting I am planning the next painting. So, that is when all goes to &%$#$.

I am currently in that state of mind.  I have to deliver a collection to the A.E. Backus Museum no later than January 10.  This is a very special show honoring my friend and mentor Beanie Backus:  "Tribute To Backus  with a Focus on the Indian River Lagoon".    

As a result this is how my studio looks now.  Give it one more week and it will be hard to walk around in there.  Sure do wish I had a studio fairy to come in a clean it all up.  But the, I wouldn't be able to find anything!!   Oh well,  it will get back to normal after I deliver the collection.