Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy Schedule

I have only 10 (ten) more days to paint before my world gets really crazy. I tend to overbook, like airline companies.

I leave home February 28 for the A.E. Backus Fine Art Festival in Ft. Pierce and do not return home until March 10. The Backus show is March 1 & 2. On Monday March 3 I head to Apopka for the Wekiwa Invitational Plein Air Paint Out Event. This is a fabulous week of painting with some of the best plein air painters in a magnificent setting. How could I refuse the invitation? Then I leave Thursday, March 6 for the Vero Beach Fine Art Festival March 7,8,9.

Thank goodness for my husband, Harry. While I am out having fun painting at Wekiwa he will travel back and forth from our home to each of the shows. Since I must be present I will arrive in time for the opening and leave at the close of the shows. He will do all the setting up of my booth and break down. It would be very tough to do this without him.

Well, I am off to the easel!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Southern Skies

"Southern Skies" 30"x40"

I have discovered how to make the painting images large enough for you to see. So, I posted this again.

ST. Lucie River Demo Oil Painting

"St. Lucie River" 18"x24"
I recently posted images of this painting as it developed from my pencil sketch on paper. The various stages show how I usually work...remember, paintings never progress exactly the same way. Basically, I lay the clouds in first and then the sky color, completing that portion of the painting down to the horizon. Land masses are layed in next in value progression (lighter and greyer at the horizon-richer, bold color in foreground) from the horizon forward. Then the real fun begins with color and brush work to finish the painting.
While living in Ft. Pierce I spent many hours on the St. Lucie River. This was a commission I greatly enjoyed doing, bringing back lots of fond memories. And then the bonus for me was when J. and Marcie Gaines, who commissioned the work, previewed the painting and were thrilled saying, "Wow, it is beautiful! We love it!"
Another painting is underway. I have completed the pencil sketch and am painting a very small (to scale) color sketch for Bruce and Bridgette Abernethy to approve before I begin their large painting.

Check back with me. I hope to have the color sketch posted here in the next day or two.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mount Dora Fine Art Festival

My husband, Harry, and I headed to Mount Dora Friday afternoon to set up for the weekend show. It was cloudy and a bit windy. We were prepared for rain and cold having learned over the years you never know what will happen with the weather.

When I first participated in this show years ago we drove back home to Ocala each night which is a 1+ hour drive. This made for VERY early rising in order to be set up on time in the mornings. That got old so for the next few years we stayed in a hotel in Mount Dora. This was fine, but we still had to get to the show early each morning in order to get a parking space close to our booth. Last year we treated ourselves and stayed at the historic Lake View Inn, which is pricy for a working weekend, but nice because we were able to park our van close to my booth space and leave it there the whole weekend. Last year we discovered a delightful Bed and Breakfast right on the main street and made a reservation. It turned out to be just around the corner from my booth and we parked the van just a few feet away. This working weekend turned into a mini vacation. We had an adorable room on the second floor with bath, sitting room with a dinning table that overlooked the art show and full kitchen. It was convenient to return to the room during the day to take a break and get a snack out of the refrigerator. Friday and Saturday nights we strolled around town and had dinner with friends. Yes, we already have our reservation for next year!

Saturday dawned bright, clear and sunny! I do not remember such glorious weather for the Mount Dora Show in years. After all the gloomy days we have been experiencing it seemed as if the whole world rejoiced in being outside and turned out in huge numbers. The streets were packed both days.

I had decent sales of smaller items Saturday. Sunday was my biggest sales day with several original paintings finding homes along with several framed giclee prints. There is the possibility of a couple of commissions for people who want a specific size painting and one who wants a particular spot depicted in the painting.

There was a charming young man from Indianapolis in the booth next to me. He is just beginning his art career with all the enthusiasm of youth. Please check out his web site (www.supershwa.com) I believe he is an up and commer and someone whose art you need to add to your collection now, before it gets too expensive! By the way, his name is Josh Rush. Look him up at the Melbourne show coming in a couple of weeks, and tell him I said HI!

I also had the good fortune to have my booth just across the aisle from friend, Out of Hand Artists Salon associate, and super artist Mary Verrandeaux. She went to Ringling School of Art and has been in the field for a while but like Josh, is fairly new to the art show world. Her web site is www.mverrandeaux.com Mary's work is bold and will brighten up any wall. Don't miss the opportunity to include her paintings in your collection before her prices go through the roof.

And guess what! I had a painting selected by two of the three judges for award consideration. I did not receive a final award, but like they say at the Oscars, "It was nice to be nominated".

All in all, this was a really great show and a pleasure to be in Florida.