Sunday, September 28, 2008

A New Day - A New Beginning

A New Day - A New Beginning 12"x18"

Roseate Spoonbills are beautiful birds. They used to flock in great numbers. Now I am lucky to find a few together feeding among the mangroves.

This is a study for a larger commissioned painting. I always paint a study, to scale, so the person who placed the commission can see exactly what I have planned for their painting. It is better to make changes at this point rather than after I have started a large painting.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dance of Morning Light

Dance of Morning Light 8"x10"

At the last Wekiva Springs State Park Plein Air Event I painted Dance of Light. I am not a "morning person" but somehow at this event it seems a crime to sleep while all this beauty is blossoming outstide my door.

Last night I joined my good friend, Nancy Moskovitz artist extraordinaire ( , at an artists reception for Bobby Goldsboro. Yes, he is the singer, and now a painter. He told me that he had promised himself that he would begin painting all the images he had stored in his head when he turned 65, that was two years ago. He is exhibiting in various places around the state. If you get a chance, do see his work...and of course, all is for sale.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still Waters

Still Waters 10"x8"

Friends of Wekiva Springs hosts a wonderful invitational plein air paint out each year and I have been lucky enought to be invited. The state park and springs offer endless venues to paint from pine tree flats to the beautiful spring itself. "Still Waters" was painted on the Wekiva River just down from the spring head and can be seen at Thornebrook Gallery.

The gallery opening reception was this past Friday. We did not have the turn out we had hoped for, but did enjoy seeing old friends and collectors as well as meeting a few new people. The gallery looked fabulous! David and Trisha did a great job of hanging all the paintings. I took my entire collection (about 30 paintings ranging in size from 8x10 to 30x40) for them to select from, thinking they wouldn't use them all. But, Wow!, they did! The lighting of paintings is crucial and can make or break a show. David has state of the art lighting which allows the viewer to really see the art work. I arrived a bit early and when David flipped on the light switch I was blown away! Even my husband, who is my best critique, was very impressed.

I will not be exhibiting in the Gainesville Downtown Out Door Art Festival this year because I was once again juried into the Disney Festival of the Masters which is on the same weekend. So, I do hope you will be able to get by Thornebrook Gallery before my show closes on Sept 27 to see this collection of new paintings.

And, by the way, Thornebrook Gallery is not just another art gallery. It is one of the best gift shop/jewelry stores you will ever find. If you are looking for just the right gift (for yourself or anyone else) you must see the many unique items offered at Thornebrook Gallery. I must admit, I found a bracelet I had to have Friday night...and yes, it went home with me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thornebrook Gallery Exhibition

Shangri-La 16"x20"

Shangri-La is the last painting I created for the Thornebrook Gallery Exhibition. Us plein air and landscape painters are always on the hunt for new locations and inspiration. I came upon this dream-like path early one afternoon. The graceful live oak trees covered in moss and azalea bushes in full bloom were irresistable.

The collection of 26 paintings was delivered this past Monday. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to complete the work and deliver the paintings on time. And yes, relief when the project is put to bed.

The Artists Reception is this Friday evening and as always , is quite daunting. No matter how successful, artists are concerned with how the public will react to their work. I learned this early in my career while studying with the renowned A. E. "Bean" Backus. His work was highly respected and could be purchased only by placing your order in a waiting list, often waiting several years before getting the painting. And yet, with each order and each show, I saw him anguish over whether or not the collector would like the painting. My having been just a beginner at that time, not exhibiting my work, I was puzzled. Now I fully understand. You put your heart and soul into each painting making it difficult to separate yourself from it.

Oh well, I have done the work and am proud of the collection so I will go to the reception, pretend I am a princess for one evening and have a great time. I sure hope I will see you there!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gallery Deadline

Mid Summer Thunderhead 15"x30
I was inspired by all the rain we have been enjoying lately to paint "Mid Summer Thunderhead". It gets breezy out in the marsh flats with the wind blowing the tall grass and palm frons and whipping up the water just before the rain starts. Birds hunker down and wait for it to pass.

Thank goodness for deadlines. If I do not have a drop-dead, this is it, no more time left, the whole collection must be completed by now deadline I would never be finished. Well, today is the day. I must deliver all the paintings to Thornebrook Gallery today.

My husband also likes deadlines. He has learned that all (and I mean all) I do the last week before a show deadline is paint. I always need just one more painting! So, we order pizza and chinese food to be delivered, scramble a few eggs, and have the tried and true grilled cheese sandwiches with soup. Of course, no house keeping! But, he is a trooper and has learned that "this too will pass, the sun will shine again tomorrow and all will be right with the world", once the paintings are delivered.

There are a couple more paintings to post this week that will be in the show, just to give you a sampling of what to expect. But, please drop by Thornebrook Gallery to see all the paintings and perhaps take one home with you. (I know, I know, shameless promotion)

Thornebrook Gallery
2441-6D NW 43 Street
Gainesville, Fl 32606

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day in the Studio

Last Minutes of Splendor (24"x30")

We had our big Labor Day party yesterday afternoon. This is an annual event for us with everyone in the neighborhood invited to the pool party. Luckily the predicted 60% rain did not happen. It was a fun day for all.

So, today I am back at the computer posting this new painting and then into the studio. "Last Minutes of Splendor" captures that wonderful all over mauve color that makes the clouds and sky blaze just before sundown. What makes these colors pop is the contrast between the reddish-like sky colors with the brilliant greens found in Florida.