Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Art of Art Collecting-Florida Regional Art in Focus

The Florida Regional Art in Focus Exhibit has closed. A great number of people viewed the art during the two weeks the collection was displayed at the Lake Eustis Institute. The staff reported glowing comments from the visitors praising the high quality of art work illustrating the diversity of the Florida landscape.

The exhibit ended with a catered dinner at Lake Receptions, in Mount Dora. David Glynn of Turkey Creek Auctions conducted the sale Friday night at the Black Tie & Blue Jeans Gala and Art Auction. The event was well attended with all enjoying an evening of fine dining .

This group of artists was hand picked for their high level of expertise with reserve prices reflecting their standing as top professionals in the art world. The artist received 80% of the sale and 20% went to the Institute, a non-profit organization.

Alas, as so often happens with fund raising auctions of art there were few sales. People must have a vested interest in the artist, the specific painting, and/or a major interest in the "cause" the event is raising funds for in order to justify spending a large sum of money. Yes, they get a tax deduction, but that is not always the big incentive to buy art at one of these auctions.

The Lake Eustis Institute staff did a fine job of promoting and advertising this event. Each phase of the project was executed splendidly. So, what happened? The old saying is true "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink". Having said that, if the horse has reasoning power you can explain to him how drinking will benefit him, giving him necessary information so he can make a wise choice.

That is the one consistent error I see with fund raising art auctions -- the lack of educating bidders on:
1. The value of collecting original art
2. The professional background of the individual artists;
Important collections that own that artists work
High end galleries that handle that artists work
Major shows the artist has been juried into and/or invited to exhibit in
3. Detailed information about the painting being auctioned;
When, where and why it was painted
What it means to the artist

The more information a person has the greater chance there will be a sale. Otherwise, it is like buying the Mystery Prize at a carnival---there are things in the brown paper bag but I don't know what is inside, if I will like it or if it is worth the amount of money I am paying for it?

If promoters of art auction fund raisers would put as much time and money into educating bidders about their cause (what the money will be spent on and why they should give support), the artists, and the art itself as they do on advertising and selling tickets to the event I am confident these auctions could be very successful.

Again, the staff at the Lake Eustis Institute did an outstanding job on this first event. All participants, both artists and those who attended, had a great time. I am sure the next fund raiser will be even better and more profitable.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mount Dora Fine Art Festival

Saturday and Sunday, February 2 and 3, is the Mount Dora Fine Art Festival. This is an outstanding show that draws artists for across the nation. If you want to see great art this is the place to be.

I will be exhibiting my collection of new oil paintings, including the large 30"x40" painting posted here recently. This will also be an art festival debut for the smaller, canvas wrapped paintings I have been experimenting with.

Go to the show web site for more information: www.mountdoracenterforthearts.org

Treat yourself to a fun weekend! Stop by my booth (I would give you the number but it isn't assigned until the day of the show), I would enjoy meeting you.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sharon Crute Address

I should have given you all Sharon Crute's internet addresses:

She is a wonderful equine artist and very knowledgeable about the industry. I recommend you check out her web site and blog. You will be delighted with oil paintings.

Florida Regional Exhibit

This article appeared on the internet:

It thought this was pretty cool. Thanks, Sharon Crute (fabulous equine artist), for finding this.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Layout

Wow! I worked really hard to lay this demo out, but it sure did get messed up when it got published. The preview looked great with the pictures and text appropriately spaced. Sorry about how it got jumbled up in the final published format.

Just a few more bugs I have to learn about and work out. Thanks for bearing with me.

St Lucie River

St. Lucie River 6"x12"

The St. Lucie River meanders through St. Lucie County on Florida's east coast. I spent many hours on the river during the 18 years I lived in Ft. Pierce. The best time of day was late afternoon/early evening when the sun was low in the sky. Egrets and Herons fly in to roost in the trees as the soft, fading light cast a warm pink and then golden wash over everything.

I have been commissioned to creat another painting of the St. Lucie River. As the painting progresses I decided to photograph it and post it here so you can see how it developes.

This is the beginning lay-in. I applied a light wash of yellow ochre in acrylic paint first. Then I transfered my pencil sketch onto the canvas in Ultramarine Blue oil paint thinned with turpentine.

The sky is layed in before anything else. Cloud color first then the sky color surrounds the clouds with the paint eating into the cloud paint to give soft edges.

I now work back to front, or from the horizon forward. Values are of prime importance at this point. The fartherest trees will be lighter and greyer with the trees getting darker as they advance to the foreground.

You can see how the perspective is being developed simply by blocking in the ground planes in value progression

When I feel my values are correct I begin building the color. I can alter minor things at this point, but the composition is pretty well set.

Stay tuned to see the final stages of development.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mini Cow Painting

While out painting in a cow pasture this cute calf kept hanging around. I just had to paint a quick study of her. That translated into a mini (5"x4") painting with wrap around sides. She was a lot of fun to create. I enjoyed the loose brush work and trying to capture the quizzical look on her face. She did not sell at the Holiday Mini Show and is available ($60.00 with table stand).
This is a perfect example of taking advantage of everything around you when you are painting en plein air. You must be observant. Think out of the box. There is more to see and paint if you take the time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Newest Oil Painting

"Indian Summer Afternoon"
After taking time off during the holidays I was really anxious to get back into the studio. I had done some work in the field and had fresh studies to work from for this painting. As a result, the painting went quickly, only taking a few days. It is amazing what you can do when all the creative juices are flowing.
My show schedule is now posted here. If you would like more information about any of the shows please go to my web site. If you need additional information you may post a comment here or email me from the web site. If you attend any of the shows, please say Hi, I would enjoy meeting you.

Blog Changes

I am working on my blog, trying to spruce it up a bit. How do you like this new color format? Post a comment and let me know.

I hope to add some links to other artists I highly respect, so you can go to their web sites. When I get word of sales to purchase art supplies and frames I will include that info. It is always nice to save a little money now and then.

As I am building this blog and adding to it please send me a comment about what you would be interested in hearing about.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Art of Collecting Opening Reception

Last night was the Opening Reception for the Florida Regional Art in Focus Exhibit. It was a lovely evening with delicious hors d' oeuvres and wine. All who attended were treated to a superior collection of wonderful Florida art created by some of Florida's top artists, a group in which I was honored to be included.

Most of the artists attended, which was a bonus for me. Susan Dauphinee and I have been friends for quite a while but I had not met the others in person, just admired their work:
Neil Adamson, John Costin, Susan Dauphinee, Doug Hays, Keith Martin Johns, Diane Pierce.

Jim Fitch was not able to attend, which was disappointing for everyone, he is such a wealth of information. We were pleased that he did send a written form of his presentation for all to read and talk about that evening. Which made for lively conversation and in-put from the collectors present as well as each of the artists.

There is much more I can add but do not have the time right now. My husband, Harry, and I are off the the Florida basketball game! We are avid fans.