Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Six Artists Six Prairies

I have been invited to join a group of six professional artists in a fabulous 18 month project. Our aim is to draw attention to 1. Florida's unique prairies and the need to preserve them; and 2. the importance of encouraging and supporting art and artists in the community.

During the next 18 months we will be traveling through six north Florida prairies, painting the varied aspects of the prairies from vistas to vignettes as the seasons change: Fish Prairie, Hopkins Prairie, Kanapaha Prairie, Ledwith Prairie, Paynes Prairie and Putnam Prairie.

Several exhibitions are planned so the public can enjoy the paintings created for the project. All the paintings will be for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated to charities such as the Conservation Land Trust.

Become a follower of the Six Artists Six Prairies blog and read about the adventures of each artists over the next year and a half.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reno Trip Was Great

When my husband retired he took up bowling and began participating in the National Bowling Tournament which was in Reno, Nevada this year again. After he bowled last year we went on to Lake Tahoe and spent a week exploring. This year we went to Carson City.

We got really lucky when we visited the Tourist/Visitors Bureau and discovered all the neat things happening while we were there. The Southwest Rendevous was in full swing with cowboys and Indians, Civil War Reenactors, demonstrations about making knives and arrowheads, grinding corn, etc. Lots of western performers singing, telling jokes, and playing banjos. Many locals decked themselves out in period costumes and strolled through the park.

The next day we rode the Steam Engine train from Carson City up to Virginia City. As the train huffed and puffed along the conductor told us about mining on the Comstock. We had about 3 hours in Virginia City which was just long enough to have lunch in the Red Dog Cafe and then back on the train.

When the mines began to fail so did Virginia City. But it has now gotten a second life as a tourist destination for those of us who remember TV shows like Bonanza and Gun Smoke and those who just like to take a step back into America's history. Since we fit into that demographic we needed more time in the City so back we went the next day.

There is lots to see as gunslingers put on a show in the streets, dance hall gals take your order at the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the "ole miner" walks the streets with his burrow loaded with silver. We toured Pipers Opera House, Ponderosa Mine and the Fourth Ward School in addition to strolling through all the shops and "saloons".

If you get a chance to visit Virginia City you will need a full day to see and do everything!