Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

This has been an exciting year. My gallery in Ocala has done well enough to keep the doors open another year. There were plenty folks telling my partner Sharon Crute and I that it was a bit fool hardy to open in this economy. Yes, we have had struggles but we have survived. We've learned a lot about business, the public and ourselves.

One important lesson we learned the hard way was not to run the gallery like a classic retail store. The first year we committed to long hours, 11 am - 6 pm. Wednesdays through Fridays. This put a strangle-hold on us as artists...our temprament did not fit with that kind of strict schedule. We changed our hours to 2 pm - 6 pm Wed - Thur. making a huge difference in our lives. And, our clients don't seem to have been affected.

I am look forward to a wonderful year # 2. Sales through the holidays were great and I have several commissioned lined up. You will be hearing about my busy show schedule as things continue to develope, the first being at Thornebrook Gallery in Gainesville titled "Southern Exposure".

Wishing you and yours a very
Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miniature Painting #3 & #4

I really liked this frame when I saw it in the frame shop so, I bought it not knowing what I would paint and mount in the tiny opening. After much consideration I decided cabbage palms would be perfect. The painting itself is only 3"x3", painted in oil on board. Since the painting was created specifically for this frame they are offered together for $95.

Yesterday I posted Painting #3 on Face Book but forgot to enter it in my blog. So, here it is. This bromeliad was growing in the Polisak Museum & Botanical Gardens in Winter Park. I painted a larger version during the Plein Air Event last March. This one is 5" x 5", painted in oil on Gallery Wrapped canvas. I enjoy painting the "leaves" drapped around the sides of the wrapped canvas. This painting sells for $65.

Contact me if you are interested in adding any of these miniatures to your collection of to give as a unique gift.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mini Painting #2

"Sunset Pines" was inspired by evening sunsets at Wekiva Springs State Park in Apopke during the Plein Air Event last March. It is 6" x 4" painted in oil on board.

You can see Pines at VoilART! Gallery + Studio in the "Merry Little Minis" Holiday Show and Sale. All the paintings are priced for gift giving--or collecting for yourself. And guess what??? All last minute shoppers are getting 20% OFF their total purchase at the gallery until Christmas Eve.

Skip the hectic crowds at the mall. Come by the gallery...relax and enjoy complimentary coffee and yummy cookies as you select a unique gift of art for everyone on your list.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Ornament

These are the last of the Christmas ornaments. I added the lucious gold bulbs to the collection because I cannot get any more blue bulbs. Now you have a choice of the two colors as well as different bird poses. But when these are gone there will be no more for this year.

I was excited to find this dark blue ornament. It is the same deep blue as the "White House" ornament so I knew the Roseate Spoonbills would look great on it.
The bulb is much bigger than the ones shown above allowing me to paint 3 birds on it.
There is only one of these and it is available. You can see all the ornaments at VoilART! Gallery in Ocala. If you want to order one just let me know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

My "White House" Christmas ornaments have been well received. All the ones I painted to prepare for the holiday sale have found homes with new and past collectors. I was pleased about one ornament in particular because the buyer wanted it for his tree devoted to hand made ornaments created by painters and artisans.

I have several more orders to fill and went to the store to purchase the bulbs. The wall filled with hundreds of boxes of ornaments had dwindled down to a small section. I was very distressed about not finding any of the lovely blue bulbs I had been using. After a lengthy search I found one single box of four! So, I chose a lucious gold bulb to hand-paint with Roseate Spoonbills and mangroves to finish out this season. The gold certainly adds a touch of elegance.

As soon as I can get these new ornaments photographed I will post them for you all to see.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Holiday Ornaments" Mini Painting

"Holiday Ornaments" 2 1/2" x 3" Oil
I like to sit little decorations on tables and bookcases in my home during the holidays. Seeing people as they find those little pieces of holiday cheer in unexpected places is a lot of fun. So, I want to share that idea with you all through this tiny painting with red ornaments and ribbons.
This is a week long auction in the "Post Cards from Paradise" series. The painting is 2 1/2" x 3" painted in oil on panel. The frame is included this week so you can give it as a gift or immediately put it on display in your home.
Bids started at 99 Cents
Current high bid is $14.99
Bid Deadline: 5 pm EST, Monday December 13
Shipping and Packaging are FREE
Frame included
Happy bidding and I wish you a wonderful holiday season!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mini Painting Auction

"Thanksgiving Turkey" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 2" x 3"

I often receive requests to offer another turkey painting in the auction. What better time to put one out than Thanksgiving? Of course, turkeys may not agree.

Bids start at 99 Cents
Shipping and Packaging are Free

This is a weekly auction with the deadline being 5 pm EST Monday, November 22.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anniversary Party

VoilART! Gallery + Studio is one year old!!!! The first year certainly has been a challenge in this economic climate. But, we made it. HOOORAAAY

Join Sharon and me 5 pm Friday night, November 5 for our champagne celebration. We will pop the corks on a few bottles of the bubbly and ring in our new year.

If you havn't been to the gallery yet here is your chance to party and see all our new paintings, giclee reproductions and holiday gift items. I even have a few of the "White House Christmas Ornaments" on display.

We are just one block south of Ocala's Historic Square, on the south side of Bank of America.

VoilART! Gallery
108 E. Ft. King Street
Ocala, Florida

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mini Painting Auction

"Waterway" 2"x3" Oil

I have received requests asking me to offer my weekly auction with miniature paintings during the holidays. So, here is the first painting put on the auction block. "Waterway" was inspired by a visit to the InterCoastal Waterway. The twisting and turning of fingers of water snake their way in all directions.

Bids start at 99 Cents
FREE shipping and packaging

DEADLINE Monday, November 8 at 5 pm EST

These little paintings make great gifts!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Painting Auction

"Wood's Farm" - Evinston , Fl 10"x 10"
October is almost over and Halloween is already here. This months painting auction ends Sunday, Oct. 31. There is still time to bid and add this original oil painting to your collection or give it as a gift during the holidays. The current high bid is $80.00. Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST, Sunday October 31.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Plein Air Workshop

Painting on location is a challenge. The wind, bugs, creepy crawleys, rain, dust, and changing light are just a few of the obstacles to overcome. But it is well worth the effort.

The point of plein air painting for me is to absorb as much of the atmosphere as possible and translate that into my painting. I rarely try to create a finished painting on location unless I am in a Plein air Event. Instead I use these studies for future studio paintings. I don't want a finished painting I want the essence of the moment.

Join me for a plein air workshop October 28-29, 10 am - 3 pm. We will be painting in Silver Springs Attraction with a variety of subjects to paint that is comfortable and safe.

Contact Korene Wilbanks at the Appleton Museum: or call 352-291-4455, ext. 1613.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

After the Show

"Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you are going to get."
..........Forrest Gump

The art business and shows are the same way. I had a very nice show at Thornebrook as I told you yesterday. I came home happy with sales and the weekend as a whole.

Then I got a call yesterday afternoon with an inquiry "do you still have the LARGE painting of the river with hyacinths?" Yes, I do.

"Something Timeless" (30"x36") was scheduled to go to Thornebrook Gallery in Thornebrook Village. Instead it is going home with Brian and Vivian who have several of my paintings in their extensive art collection. Viv came to the show looking for a painting with "just one bird in it, not a whole flock". She picked out and bought a small painting but also fell in love with this bigger one and knew right where she wanted to hang it.

Remember..."the show is not over until the fat lady sings".

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thornebrook Village Art Festival

This past weekend was a beautiful weekend for an art festival and lots of other things here in north Florida. As a result, not as many people as usual attended the festival. But, the ones that did come out were ready to buy. I sent Geclee Reproductions as well as original oil paintings home with collectors.

Lyn White and her committee did a great job once again. This is a comfortable show that is very family friendly. Not too big with too many artists - if there are too many artists to chose from collectors get overwhelmed and do not buy anything. Lynn had a good mixture of every medium, not heavy in any category.

Saw long time artist friends and collectors and made new friends. It was a good way to start my show season.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Auction Painting

"Wood"s Farm-Evinston, Fl." Oil on board 10"x10"
Bids start at 99 Cents
October 1 - 31
I had a great time at Freddie Woods farm in Evinston, Florida creating this painting. I set up to paint under a canopy of giant old oak trees. A breeze blew across the field from Orange Lake and all was right with the world.

Half way through this painting I moved a bit and brushed my ankle against a stinging nettle causing much pain. If you have been in Florida long I know you have met "The Nettle". Ok, that is part of the joy of painting en plein air (on location). So, back to work.

Ants and mosquitos came next...out came the Skin So Soft. The sun had moved by then and I was in direct illumination....yep, sun screen to the rescue. But, one has to keep working.

The last straw was the herd of cows ambling my way. It seems I had set up right in their well worn path to the next field. Cows are not the most intelligent animals ... one almost walked over my easel before she discovered a barrier in her way. Thank goodness she veered off at the last minute. For a city gal, being surrounded by a herd of huge bovine is a little uncomfortable...I sat in my car until they passed.

I experienced some of life's unexpected pleasures and came home relatively unhurt and with a painting I was happy with. All in all it was a good day!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

VoilART! Gallery Anniversary

VoilART! Gallery is celebrating!!! The gallery has been open for one whole year. It has been a struggle but we made it. Sharon Crute and I have worked hard so I think I will toot our respective horns:

1. Coffee and Conversation - monthly presentations on various topics such as "Great Walks with Lucy Tobias" and painting demonstration by nationally acclaimed Morgan Samuel Price.

2. Ocala's First Friday Art Walk - Sharon's husband Michael coordinates the artists and keeps everyone straight

3. Springs Celebration - supported the event with a presentation by documentary photographer Ricard Rossetto

4. Hosted a painting workshop by California artist Elin Pendleton

5. Stage shows that pertain to a particular theme such as our Holiday "Merry Little Minis" Exhibit & Sales of miniature paintings

These are just a few of the gallery high lights from this past year. We have great plans for the coming year. Fabulous photographer Kent Weakly, Leslie Hammond from Artistic Eye and "Decorating for the Holidays" by a decorator from Koontz Furniture and Home Decor are just a few giving presentations at Coffee and Conversation. Oil painting classes, drawing salon and critique groups are also being considered.

This is all in addition to our own busy show schedules. So, check back here from time to time to learn about our next adventure.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saluting the Arts

Ocala is fortunate to have an organization that acts as an umbrella for all the arts in Marion County. Marion Cultural Alliance offers grant money to local non-profit arts organizations which helps greatly in their survival. Yesterday, these grants were presented at a sold-out luncheon at the Ocala Hilton.

My heart lies with two dimensional art but I embrace all of the arts. It was invigorating to be among so many creative people - painters, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, directors, and the list goes on. This upcoming season is jam packed with so many cultural events it will be hard to pick which ones to attend.

Not only do I live in a "post card" but also a haven for the arts.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Painting Auction

"Reflections" Oil on Canvas 8"x10"

Some of you have told me that it is difficult to keep up with the fast pace of my weekly "Post Cards from Paradise" auction of miniatures. Others have requested larger paintings in the auction. So, I have created a "Collectors Choice" auction for larger paintings and extended the auction period to one month.

As many of you may know I enjoy kayaking the spring fed rivers in Florida. The painting shown here titled "Reflections" is the first to be offered in the "Collectors Choice" auction. It was inspired by a photograph I took while paddling the Wekiva River in Apopka. This particular venue is on the Little Wekiva, an off-shoot of the main water way. If you have not been on this river I highly recommend you give it a try. Don't have your own boat? Just rent one at Wekiva Springs State Park.

"Reflections" was shown as a preview to those who have subscribed to my email notices with information about exhibits, events, new reproductions and paintings. As a result, the starting bid of 99 Cents has climbed to $40.00 as the highest bid offered to this date.

Collectors Choice - One Month Auction
Bid Deadline - 5 pm EST, Thursday, September 30
Shipping and Packaging are FREE

Everyone has had fun with the weekly auction, I sincerely hope this longer auction with a larger painting will be equally fun.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marion County Springs Festival

As part of Marion County's 9th Annual Springs Festival with events throughout September, I have invited Documentary Photographer Richard Rossetto to speak at September's "Coffee and Conversation" at VoilART! Gallery. Richard has been exploring and capturing images of the springs for 20 years. He is leading the Florida Springs Project, a photographic project about Florida's natural resource that chronicles his passionate journey to discover the magical and mysterious wonders of the ancient flow.

Everyone is invited to this FREE presentation Wednesday, September 15, 2 - 4 pm at VoilART! Gallery, 108 E. Ft. King Street, Ocala, Florida.

Florida has more freshwater springs than anywhere on earth. Come hear about the amazing 19 billion gallons a day of cool, pure crystal-clear water flow from the subterranean depths.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Still Waters" Mini Auction

"Still Waters" 5" x 7 " Oil on Canvas
Bids start at just 99 CENTS
Shipping and Packaging are FREE
Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST Monday August 30

I enjoy kayaking the beautiful spring fed rivers of north Florida. Many of the waterways have a canopy of draping tree limbs which shade paddlers as we glide along. Birds abound in this magical environment, White and Great Blue Egrets fly by, komorants dry their outstretched wings and king fishers dive in front of boats. The magic of Disney cannot touch the natural wonders found in Florida's crystal clear springs and rivers.

This painting was inspired by a kayak trip up the Silver River. In the heat of the summer there is nothing better than paddling under the thick canopy over the river with the cool air rising from the water.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17 Mini Auction

"White Egret Fishing" is 5"x7" painted in oil on canvas mounted on board.

Casmerodius albus or Great White Egret is common along streams, ponds, rice fields, salt- and fresh-water marshes, and mudflats. The plumage is white, bill yellow, legs and feet glossy black. Larger than any other heron except the Great Blue. In flight, the Great Egret holds it neck in a more open S than do other white herons.

Bids start at 99 Cents
Shipping and Packaging are FREE
Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST Monday August 23

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Opening Reception

Colleague and friend Peggy Watts and I attended the opening Reception at Gallery East Friday night. What a treat to see everyone. Guest Artist Pat Rausch has an outstanding exhibit of Florida landscapes and Featured Member Artist Kathy Paskey is equally impressive.

Gallery East moved from North East Ocala (as the name implies) to south 441/27 in Bellview. They have a beautiful space for the gallery and ample parking. To move was a tough decision for the co-op members to make, but it has worked out well.

If you are in the area be sure to stop in. You will see a collection of art work from hand made jewelry and alabaster sculpture to oil, water color and acrylic paintings.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild Flowers Mini Auction Painting

This miniature painting is a bit unusual in the way it is framed. The frame profile is about 1" deep with the painting mounted on board giving it a floating effect. The painting itself is painted in oil on a 2" x 4" gallery wrapped canvas.

The painting was inspired by photos I took during the Evinston Paint Out. Wild flowers in a field are hard to resist.

You are bidding on the painting with the frame.
Bids start at 99 Cents

Shipping and Packaging are FREE

Have fun with the auction.
Be sure to get your bids in before 5 pm EST Monday August 16.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting Class

Tomorrow is the first class of my 2nd class series. I am really pumped about working with this group of painters. They are at various stages of developing skill which usually proves beneficial to all the students. Novice painters learn new things while more skilled painters get "reminded" about things they know but have not thought about in a while, in addition to learning more advance skills.

Several students from the first series are returning so there were only a couple of spaces for new students. The class filled quickly as a result.

The next series will be September 2, 9, 16, 23. If anyone wants to join the September series, please get in touch with me.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miniature Auction Painting

"Red Hibiscus" is 7" x 5",
painted in oil on Canvas mounted on board.

The hibiscus is a sub tropical plant found in temperate climates throughout the world. They are abundant in the state of Florida particularly in mid and south Florida. The flowers are large and showy with a variety of colors.

I painted this flower from some I picked in my yard. I especially like the red ones which really "jump" out at you as they are nestled among the dark green leaves of the bush. Of course, you all know that red and green are complimentary colors which causes each to be more vibrant when placed together.

Bids start at 99 cents with shipping and packaging FREE to the winning bidder. Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST. Monday August 9.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oil Painting Class

I had such a great time with the first 4-class series of painting classes and apparently the students did too. They asked for another series, so Thursday, August 5, launches the second series.

Teaching has perked up my senses causing me to concentrate more on the how and why of painting and then figure out how to put it all into words. I think I am getting as much out of the classes as the students are!

If you are interested in joining a class give me a call or email.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Evening Magic"

"Evening Magic" is a 2"x3" miniature oil painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. This tiny painting was inspired by a kayak trip up the Silver River. This painting is designed for display on a table easel.
Bids start at just 99 Cents
FREE packaging and shipping
Email your bids to me or post here. You will be contacted to confirm you as the highest bidder or to let you know you have been out bid. Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST, Monday August 2.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miniature Painting Auction

"Winding River" , 6"x8" is painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas. I painted it at the Wekiva Springs Plein Air Event in Apopka, Florida.

This is a little tributary just off the main river. A quiet little spot that I found away from the hustle and bustle of boaters and swimmers.

The image to the right shows how the painting is extended around the edges. It is designed to be displayed on a table easel or hung on the wall unframed.

Bids start at 99 Cents and Shipping is FREE

Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST Monday, July 5. Just email me with your bid. I will let you know if you are the high bidder or are outbid.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silver River Kayak Outing

Lars Andersen owns the Adventure Outpost in Highsprings and leads many paddling trips here in north Florida. I have received his emails outlining the trips and have wanted to go, but have always had conflicts.

Tuesday, everything worked out and I was able to join the group of Master Naturalists who had come from the east coast of Florida to paddle with Lars on the Silver River. Wow! That is right in my own back yard! And just minutes from my house!

The morning was beautiful, just enough cloud cover to keep the temperature down. It was great to paddle along and listen to Lars call out the names of native plants - pickerelweed, spatter dock, cardinal flower, etc., etc., etc. I try to know the names of plants I include in my landscape paintings so it was a valuable lesson.

He is easy going and knowledgeable and infects the group with enthusiasm for paddling and Florida's natural wonders. If you want more information about his "wanna go" trips:

Adventure Outpost
18238 NW Hwy 441
High Springs, Fl 32643

Monday, June 28, 2010

Painting Class

Last Thursday was the first class of my 4-class series. It has been a long while since I taught and was a bit nervous. I restricted the class to only 6 students. This is a good number that allows me to give everyone lots of personal attention.

I am happy to say that all went well. It is a great group that is going to work well together. Everyone is eager to develope their own skills and try new ideas.

I am looking forward to the next class on Thursday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Donation to Audubon for Wildlife Rescue

I have just read about the enormous amount of oil covering the beaches of north west Florida and feel helpless in the wake of this tragic event.

My mother was a member of the National Audubon Society and avid bird watcher. She inspired my love for the landscape and wildlife that has manifested itself in my art work.

In an effort to help in the rescue of wildlife on our beaches I pledge 10% of my art sales to Audubon's Protect Florida's Beaches. I hope you will join me in anyway you can to help this joint effort for our state and its wildlife.

Go to for more information about the project and to make donations. Or write to:
Audubon of Florida
Audubon's Protect Florida's Beaches
444 Brickell Avenue
Suite 850
Miami, Florida 33131

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miniature Painting Auction

Windy Prairie 5"x7"

I was in Lake Tahoe last week and away from a computer. I did not get to post the miniature painting on schedule so I am posting this one a little bit early. The bid deadline is 5 pm Monday, June 28.
For those of you who have traveled around Florida this scene should be familiar. Once you leave the congested cities you can see for miles on the open prairies. Standing ponds with sawgrass dot the landscape and cabbage palms spring up here and there.
Bids start at just 99 Cents
Shipping and packaging are FREE
"Windy Prairie" is painted in oil on canvas mounted on board. It can be displayed on a table easel or in a frame.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Mini Auction Painting

Monarch Butterfly 2 1/2 " x 3 1/2"

Monarch Butterflies are also called Milkweek Butterflies. This guy was sitting on my flowers recently and stuck around long enough for me to photograph. The painting is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" on canvas mounted on board.

Bids start at just 99 Cents!

Shipping and packaging are FREE. Bids end 5 pm EST Monday June 21

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painting Class Offered

A number of people have expressed interest in taking a painting class from me. I have warmed to the idea and am looking forward to starting a class in June. A series of 4 classes is scheduled.

I am not a fan of everyone following along with the instructor, copying what she is doing. I prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with each student working at his/her own pace. I like to move from one student to another to work on what that particular person needs, relieving the stress of pressure to keep up with the group or the chance of anyone getting bored because they have to slow down.

The class size is very small -- limited to just 6 students -- so I can give ample time to each student. Personalized instruction on a one-to-one basis allows me to taylor information to the level of expertice and experience of the student.

Students are to work from their own photographs and paint what they enjoy. Artists create much more successful paintings when they paint what they are interested in.

If you, or someone you know would like additional information or to register for the class please email me or comment on this blog post and I will get back to you with all pertinent information.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gallery Representation

I am pleased to announce that I am represented in Gainesville, Fl. by Thornebrook Gallery in Millhopper Square.

A collection of my newest paintings was recently installed, offering a selection of sizes and scenes giving people the opportunity to add just the right painting to their personal collection or to give as gifts.

"Fall Brilliance" 20"x24" (Left) This painting was a joy to paint. Capturing that special time of year between the heat of summer (as everyone knows Florida does get hot in the summer) and the cool crisp days of Fall. (YES, Florida does have a few cool days -- we even have to wear a sweater now and then)

"Summer's Dream" 18"x14" (Right)Painting at the edge of any of north Florida's natural springs is shear pleasure. The water is a contant 72 degrees year round.

These are just two of my paintings now available at Thornebrook Gallery. Please stop by, say HI to David the owner, enjoy the art and take a treasure home.

Thornebrook Gallery
2441-6D NW 43 Street
Gainesville, Florida 32606
1-352-378-4947 1-800-449-4947
Monday-Saturday 10am - 6 pm

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Miniature Auction

White Ibis 2" x 3"
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I finally have time to create and post miniature paintings for my weekly auction. This White Ibis was inspired by the many birds I saw while painting in the Wekiva Springs Plein Air Event last March. They particularly enjoy wadding in the reeds that grow in the shallow water near the bank of Lake Prevatt.
Bids start at just 99 Cents.
Shipping and packaging are included in the winning bid price
Bidding ends 5 pm EST, Monday May 31. Gallery Wrapped canvas paintings are meant to be unframed and displayed on a table easel. The auction winner may purchase an easel for an additional $10.00

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Is Here

Well I made it through my busiest time of the year. All the plein air events are over, the fine art festivals are put to bed, my last gallery show closes May 29, and my current commissioned painting is on the easel waiting for the finishing touches.

It has been a great season topped off with the opening of my gallery in Ocala. VoilART! Gallery has turned out to be better than I could have hoped for. Collectors who have purchased my work over the years are happy to be able to see my paintings anytime...not just once a year at an art festival or plein air event. Ocala locals are discovering the gallery and are pleasently surprised to learn there are professional artists right here in their own backyard. My gallery partner Sharon Crute and I are thrilled with the city's reception and support of our First Friday Art Walk, the great attendance at our monthly Coffee And Conversation and the everyday adventure of meeting new people visiting the gallery.

Life is good!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ice House Gallery Exhibit

Ice House Gallery is in the heart of MacIntosh, a wonderful little village-like town just north of Ocala, Florida on US 441. Owner George Ferreira is always coming up with interesting theme ideas for exhibits, the latest being "Art and Apparatus" now open through May 29.

This eclectic show offers something for everyone from a hand made wooden merry-go-round crafted by Trish Beckam to a bomb-laden vest by Gary Borse. These are a couple of the extreme art works in the collection of super paintings whose creators include Peggy Watts, Nancy Moskovitz, and Annie Paise to name a few. I am happy to be included in this group.

The artists were directed to include man made objects in our works for this themed exhibit. Since I find trees and nature most interesting to paint I had quite a challenge to come up with something. Luckily I remembered visits to Juniper Springs State Park in the Ocala National Forest and the wonderful old Grist Mill and Paddle Wheel at the spring head.

Photo of Grist Mill

The painting turned out well, considering I am a landscape painter who does not paint buildings and structures very often.

I also painted an old wooden hoist my mom had hanging in her garage for many years and now hangs in mine. It was fun to paint partly because it brought back memories of her and the many things she collected. But, I did not tell George about the funniest thing that happened to this painting. I layed it on the trunk of my car while loading things to go to my gallery. Yes, I forgot it and took off. A couple of blocks down the street I realized what I had done and back I went. After a couple of trips up and down the road I found it in the middle of the street. It had been run over a couple of times but surprisingly no major damage. I framed it and delivered it to the Ice House. No one knew!! So, don't you tell!!!

The third painting was inspired by the gorgeous azaleas in my yard. I could not resist painting a clump of beautiful flowers with gardening tools resting on the ground in front of the bush.

I do hope you can get by to see this very intersting show before it closes May 29. If not, I will post my paintings here soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mini Auction

"Great Blue Heron" is 2" x 4", painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas. These large birds are found throughout Florida. They are solitary birds, preferring to be alone to feed in most any standing water.

Yes, bids begin at 99 Cents and Shipping and Packaging are FREE
Bids may be emailed to me until 5 pm EST, Monday May 3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Events Back to Back

This is gong to be a very busy few weeks for me. As usual, I cannot say no when I am invited to participate in highly respected plein air events. But I might have overdone it this time.

Saturday, April 17 is the first day of the Evinston Plein Air Event. I am happy it is just up the road a bit from me so I can return home each night. I enjoy painting in Evinston, Cross Creek, McIntosh, River Styx and all the little out-of-the-way places one finds in this part of north Florida.

In addition to painting all day there are two public receptions scheduled: Wednesday, April 21 at Padiwack Gallery in the Thornebrook Mall in Gainesville, free to the public and Saturday, April 24 at at the Gala Reception at the UF President's Home in Gainesville, $35.00 per person.

A portion of the funds raised by art sales will go to restoring the historic Wood and Swink Post Office and Country Store in Evinston as well as to the Florida Land Trust. Go to and for more information.

Thursday morning I will be on my way to Ft. Pierce for their "Souvenirs of Downtown" Plein Air Event. I have to hit the ground running when I get there, painting all day and then attend a public reception/sale that night; paint again all day Friday and another reception/sale that night. Saturday morning I head back to Ocala to get ready for the Evinston Gala.

A portion of the proceeds from art sales will go to restoring the Backus House and revitalization of downtown Ft. Pierce.

Although the Winter Park Polasek Museum Plein Air Event begins on Sunday, April 25, I hope to take a day or two to reorganize and repack. When I catch my breath I will be off again for another week of painting. A portion of the art sale proceeds from this event go towards the Polasek Museum.

The day I return home from Winter Park my house guest arrives. Elin Pendleton, artist extraordinaire from California is staying with me for the week. She is giving a workshop at my gallery here in Ocala.

THEN, when all is over and everyone has gone home...I can sit back and put my feet up. No more events or shows until next September!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Arts Festival/Evinston Paint Out

The Gainesville Spring Arts Festival was great!!. Lots of people strolling the oak lined streets. Many long time friends dropped by. Met new folks who appreciate art and the Florida landscape.

Sales were good with paintings going home with new collectors. The weather was outstanding making me glade I live in Florida.

The truck is unpacked and ready to refilled with plein air equipment. Another quick turn around and I am off to the Evinston Plein Air Event.

Evinston is just up the road from me so I can paint sun up to sundown and return home to my own bed...which always beats staying in a hotel. The artists in the event are the best plein air painters around and I am fortunate to be included. The landscape is just what I enjoy painting and the weather is predicted to be perfect...what more can you ask for.

Come on us paint, go on hay rides, eat picnic lunches and see the childrens art display. Buy a painting, any painting, and go home with a smile on your face and a memory for your home.

See you there!

Mini Painting Auction

"Cypress Sunset" , 3" x 2" is painted on gallery wrapped canvas.
This little painting was inspired by my trip to Wekiva Springs State Park during the paint out event. The sunsets were magnificent over Lake Prevatt and needed to be recorded. I hope to translate these little images into a larger studio painting soon.

Congratulations to Celeste for winning last weeks painting.

I am having great fun with these little guys. I hope you are too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival

The Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival is this weekend in the beautiful Historic District of downtown Gainesville between East University Avenue and N.E. 7 Avenue. You can find me in BOOTH #451 just north of 4th Avenue.

Saturday April 10 9 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday April 11 noon - 5:30 pm

The weather man has predicted great weather, so I do hope you will get out of the house and come on down. I have a whole collection of new paintings you have not seen. A number of the paintings are from plein air events I have participated in this last year.

Mention reading this blog and receive 10% Off your purchase from me during the show.

2nd EPCOT Mini Painting

"Golden Sunshine" is painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas and measures 2"x3". As I painted another, larger scene at Epcot this barrel full of gorgeous, brilliant yellow flowers kept calling to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it.
I am a little tardy in getting this posted to the blog so bids are already in with the highest being $35.00. You may bid any amount over that until 5 pm EST, Monday April 12.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 30 Miniature Auction Painting

"Snapdragons" was painted last weekend at the Art in the Garden event during the International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT. The bed of snapdragons was so thick and blazing red against the green grass I had to paint them!

The painting is 4" x 2" on gallery wrapped canvas. Bidding starts at 99 Cents. Shipping and packaging are FREE. The deadline is Monday April 5, 5pm EST.

We had a very lively series of bids last week that kept me hopping the last few hours. So, remember this is an auction and the winner is determined by the time stamp on your email .

Monday, March 29, 2010

EPCOT "Art in the Garden"

For the past 3 days I have had a wonderful time painting in the beautiful gardens in Canada. Well, not really in the country of Canda but in EPCOT'S Canada. The flower beds could not have been more exquisite, the people friendly, the staff helpful, the food great and the painting fun!

This is the 7 Dwarf's house tucked among the trees and flowers. As I painted I expected them to come "hi-hooing" down the path. I sold this little 5"x7" painting right off the easel and sent it home to Pennsylvania with a happy family who were very pleased with their one-of-a-kind memory of EPCOT.
Here is a photo of the real thing. As I painted I left out and added a few things. The tall evergreen trees blocked the house so I did not include them. That is part of the fun of painting as opposed to taking can edit the final image to suite yourself.

I certainly hope I will be invited back next year and that my schedule allows me to participate.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

"Cabbages and Kings" - Ornamental Cabbage and Snap Dragons
I am thrilled to tell you that I have been invited to participate in the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival. I will be painting in Canada during the "Art in the Gardens" weekend March 26-28.
This is a wonderful time to visit EPCOT. The entire park is filled with fabulous topiaries and beautifully designed flower beds as only Disney can create. I and other plein air artists, Linda Blondheim, Charles Dickinson, and Sharon Crute to name a few, will be painting throughout the park. Watch as we paint...and then take a painting home as a wonderful reminder of your visit.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Sunset" Mini Painting Auction

This miniature is 2" x 4" painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas. It was inspired by evening paintings I did at the Wekiva Paint Out recently. Although the weather was a challenge the sunsets over Lake Prevatt were worth the effort.
Congratulations to Ana for winning last weeks painting
"Sandhill Crane".
Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST, Monday March 29. And, yes, bids still start at just 99 Cents and shipping and packaging are FREE.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wekiva Plein Air Event

The Wekiva Plein Air Paint Out Event was a huge success and great fun. Once again, I bunked with my gal pals Linda Blondheim and Elisabeth Ferber. Painted by day and played by night. Thanks to Peter Carolyn for the roaring bonfire and smores the last night..perfect ending for a perfect week. Met some super new-to-this-event painters, Renee Lammers, Sara Winters, Thom Buttner and Mikel Wintermantel to name a few. Event Guru Leslie Long rounded up an impressive group of supporters that donated time, money and/or items to the Paint Out to help ensure the success of this event. The artists were well fed and taken care of in exchange for their week long struggle with the wind, rain and cold to produce an outstanding exhibition of the finest plein air paintings to be found in the state, if not the nation.

Sunsets on Lake Prevatt were breathtaking. Not only because of the beautiful sky colors but because of the gale force winds coming off the lake. Standing at the edge of the water painting was definitely a challenge as my umbrella went flying and my painting hand froze. Us Florida natives always forget our gloves. I need to take a few lessons from Renee who paints in the snow in Maine.

The canoe launch offered a lovely view of the Wekiva River. As I painted I marveled at the number of people setting out for a day on the water even though rain threatened and the wind blew. As the boaters returned they all testified to the beauty of the river and the wonder at all the wildlife from turtles and aligators to herons and egrets. A park ranger watched me paint for a bit and told me the Blue Heron I saw across the river and was about to put in my painting is a resident at the river named Henry.

All but one of my paintings this year were done at Lake Prevatt. The ever changing weather brought a new look to the lake each day. Some mornings dawned misty and grey, afternoons were bright and windy, evenings were...well ... different from the one before. Plein air painting is all about the light...or lack there of.

Yes, this paint out was a challenge, but one I will gladly repeat next year!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16 Mini Auction

The painting I am offering for auction this week is a tiny 4" x 2" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas miniature of a Sandhill Crane. These birds are graceful in the air but awkward on the ground and make quite a racket calling to each other.

Bidding still starts at just 99 Cents
Shipping and Packaging is FREE

It has been two weeks since I have been able to post a new miniature painting for the auction. There was no WIFI service at Wekiva State Park where I painted all week during the Plein Air Event March 1 - 7. When I returned home after the event I barely had time to unpack all the plein air equipment, wash and repack my clothes, load up my art festival gear and paintings before I was off to the 3 day Vero Beach "Under the Oaks" Fine Art Festival. So, posting a painting during the few days I was home was impossible. Sometimes I "overbook" my schedule and try to be in 2 places at once. Thanks for being patient with me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Turn Around for Another Show

Under The Oaks Fine Art Festival in Vero Beach is this weekend, March 12 - 14. This is a super festival with lots of great art. Original art only is allowed to hang on the walls of the display tent. A small number of reproductions (25) is allowed in a brouse bin.

I have hardly unpacked from the Wekiva Paint out and here I am packing to leave again. But, that is the name of the game this time of year. March and April are packed with paint outs and festivals, and of course, I must attend them all......or at least I seem to think so.

I have pictures from Wekiva that I will post when I get a minute. This was the fourth paint out event so I have gotten familiar with the terrain and the best places to paint. Graceful deer crossed my path as I tramped through the brush in the evenings. Turkeys strutted and showed off in the mornings. Even though the weather was not the best....Yep, I will do it again next year.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leaving for Wekiva Paint Out

I am finishing my packing and getting everything into the car: clothes (for warm or cold weather), bug spray, sun screen, snacks, paint, brushes, canvases, frames, framing tools, etc., etc.,etc.

This is my last post until I return home next week. State Parks do not have tv, telephones or wifi service. If anyone REALLY needs me call my cell or my husband and he can get in touch with me.

Wekiva here I come!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wekiva Paint Out

Wekiva Springs State Park

I leave Sunday for the Wekiva Springs Invitational Plein Air Event March 1 - 6. This is one of the top paint outs in the state with over 30 outstanding artists participating. We are housed in the group camping cabins ---which cannot be confused with the Ritz--- meals are provided and a super reception and sale is given at the end.

Living in a community of artists for a week must be what heaven is like. Friendships developed over the years get renewed, we "talk shop", pour over art books, paint from sun up to sundown (even later sometime) and hang out. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Treat yourself and come on out to watch the artists at work. You will find no better time to add a painting to your personal collection.

Wekiva Springs Plein Air Invitational
1800 Wekiwa Circle
Apopka, Fl 32712

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Palms" Mini Auction Painting

"Palms" 2"x3"

This weeks painting is 2"x3" oil on canvas mounted on gator board. I painted it this past weekend at the Orange Lake Overlook Paint Out hosted by Florida's Eden.

As always, bids start at just 99 Cents
Bids may be offered until 5 pm EST Monday, March 1.
No Auction next week
There will not be an auction next week because I will be painting in the Invitational Wekiva Plein Air Paint Out in Apopka, March 1 - 6. This is a super event with about 30 professional artists participating. Come on by and enjoy the Wekiva State Park and watch some of the top artists in the state doing their thing!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Orange Lake Overlook Paint Out

Florida's Eden non-profit organization put on a small plein air painting event this past weekend to help introduce the public to their new Florida Guide Book that just came out and to sign up new members. I participate in most everything they do. It is such a worthwhile effort on their part to educate the nation about our wonderful natural resources here in north Florida.

The cold weather took the weekend off with Saturday and Sunday being sunny, warm and beautiful. It was truly a pleasure to be outside for a change...and getting to paint in such a great spot overlooking Orange Lake.

Lots and lots of people turned out enjoying the food, music, poetry reading and art. I painted a small 5"x7" painting of palm trees and shadows on the packing house wall that sold before I could sign or photograph it. Then I had just enough time to paint a tiny 2"x3" painting and got it framed in time to leave for the Morgan Samuel Price demo at my gallery. That one sold also.

Sunday was a bit breezy so I painted a 12"x 9" painting with wind in the palms trees. Capturing the fast moving clouds and wind in the trees is always a challenge. I guess I got it right because, once again it sold very wet, off the easel along with another 2"x 3" painting.

Morgan Samuel Price Demo

Morgan Samuel Price demonstrated her approach to plein air painting at my gallery, Voilart! Art Gallery + Studio, this past Saturday for our monthly "Coffee and Conversation" event. We had a large turn out of painters as well as patrons wanting to know more about plein air painting.

Morgan is able to keep a running dialogue going as she paints, explaining colors, brush strokes, values, atmospheric conditions and on and one. She is a wealth of information and is willing to share all. Be sure to visit her web site for information about her instructional DVDs as well as her exciting new book.