Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Arts Festival

The SantaFe Spring Arts Festival was an adventure. Weather this time of year in Florida is always unpredictable and proved that fact again this weekend. Saturday was blustery and overcast. Even so, people turned out...to buy art! Those who attended were there for a purpose, carefully looking over the art, asking questions and walking out of my booth with a new painting. I also received a Purchase Award....Wow!

The forecast for Saturday night called for high winds and lots of rain. My husband Harry, an engineer, has an ingenious way to secure my tent from the inside that includes guy-wires and nails. We removed all the paintings and stored them in the van for the night. So, all was safe and I could sleep soundly without worry.

We arrived at the show Sunday morning to learn that 3 tents had been ruined by wind and rain. These were the "Show-Off" tents which have a reputation for not being very sturdy under adverse conditions. They have a tendency to accumulate water in the roof and then cave in. My tent was in perfect condition, so back came the paintings.

Sunday proved to be beautiful with lots of sun and a light breeze. The folks out that day were there to enjoy the great weather. Families came to stroll, eat festival food and look at art. Not much was sold, but that was ok because of the big sales on Saturday. I , for one, went home very happy.

Out door festivals are not for all artists. It is hard work and you never know what the weather will bring. But for me it is very rewarding...not only in sales but also in the interaction with the public. I like selling my work, one on one, getting to know the person who has selected a painting they love. I have developed friendships over the years with collectors and potential collectors. Always remember, everyone is a potential collector. And everyone is a potential friend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Acra Red

I have received questions about "Acra Red". It is a transparent color that goes dull quickly when white is added. Look for Quinacridone Red when purchasing. By the way, I paint exclusively in oil so all my comments will be about oil paint unless I specifically state otherwise.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sante Fe Spring Arts Festival

I am happy to have been juried into the Sante Fe Spring Arts Festival in downtown Gainesville this coming weekend, once again. Drop by to see my current work which includes paintings I created in plein air events around the state. You might get a glimpse of Florida you have not seen before.

Booth #321 at N.E. 1st Street and 5th Avenue
March 28-29
Gainesville, Florida

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dudley Farm Plein Air Event Ends

Azaleas # 1 (12"x9")
This is the first painting (above) I created at the Dudley Farm Plein Air Event last week. You saw a picture of me painting it in the March 11 post. I was very pleased with the painting and was also pleased when it went home with a collector the first day.

Azalea #2 (7"x5")
The azaleas were so beautiful I was drawn to them. So, when the first painting sold so fast I, of course, had to paint another one. This is from a different angle at a different time of day than the first.

And then I had to go one step smaller. The azalea to the left is painted on a 5"x5", canvas wrapped format. I hold it in my hand while I paint all around the edges, which is quite a challenge and very entertaining to those watching.

You can see how the flowers and leaves wrap around the sides. It is really fun to paint this way but very messy.

I was asked how I get the brilliant pink color, so here is my secret:
Combine a touch of Cadmium yellow deep and Cadmium red light, add lots of turpentine to make a wash and brush this over your canvas. When you paint the flowers with Acra Red they really "pop". Let me know how this works for you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dudley Farm Paint Out

Jackie painting at Dudley Farm
We had a glorious time painting at Dudley Farm in Newberry. The weather was perfect, unlike the first few days at the Wekiva Springs Plein Air Event. My picture above was taken by Linda, a plein air enthusiast. Thanks Linda for allowing me to use the photo here.
The Farm is packed with "paintings", which is painter speak for the fact that everywhere you look there is something interesting to render in paint. Something for everyone makes a perfect paint out. In this case there are old buildings, farm animals (chickens, turkeys, mules, and cows), farm equipment from the 1800's, people dressed in period costumes, vast fields and winding dirt roads.
Lots of people turned out each day to watch the artists, buy art and sign the petition encouraging the state to keep the Farm open. Saturday was especially exciting as hundreds of park volunteers attended a big THANK YOU PARTY at the Farm.
Dudley Farm is on a list of 19 state parks which may be closed in the summer of 2009 due to cutbacks in state funding. I personally hope you will support the drive to keep this Historic State Park open. Go to http://www.floridaseden.org/ to get information about how you can help.
There were lots of requests to extend the paint out exhibit for those who could not attend. So, Eleanor Blair generously offered her studio for an Encore!
Dudley Farm Encore Exhibition
Sunday March 22 4-7 PM
115 S. Main Street Downtown Gainesville

This is a one day exhibit. Don't miss the chance to see (and buy) paintings created by some of the best plein air painters in the state. And yes, 40% of your purchase is tax deductible.
You can't have a paint out without event coordinators. A huge Thank you goes to Jacquelyne Collett, Peg Richardson, Annie Paise, Stewart Thomas and Florida's Eden for putting on such a wonderful plein air event. Thanks, you all, you are the best!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dudley Farm Paint Out - Auction Update

Auction Update
I have been asked to post an update of bids on the miniature oil painting. So, each Wednesday I will let you know what the highest bid is as of that day up to the deadline day. The highest bid amount will be posted under the painting image. Remember, this is a fun way to add a little painting to your own collection or pick up a couple to give as gifts.
Dudley Farm Plein Air Event
The Dudley Farm Plein Air Event officially begins tomorrow, Thursday, March 12, but I took a ride up there yesterday to take a look around and paint a couple of layins. The farm is really neat!! ("neat" is really showing my age, no one uses that word anymore, at least according to my grandchildren). Turn of the century buildings from the old farm house to the wash house, turkeys strutting their stuff, chickens in the yard and vegetables in the garden just popping their heads out of the soil---everywhere you look is a painting waiting to happen.

Jackie painting the azaleas

Give yourself a treat and visit the farm this weekend. The azaleas (obviously) and dogwood trees are in bloom, the redbud trees are budding and the oaks are bright green with new leaves.
All the volunteers at the farm will be in period dress "doing chores" and 20 plus artists will be working to capture the scenes.

Dudley Farm, Newberry, Florida

You can buy paintings right off the easel, in the wet room or at the Reception Sunday afternoon.
A portion of the sales go to Florida's Eden to educate and support the natural beauty of Florida.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Week - New Auction Painting

As the saying goes ... "March comes in like a lion".
Sunday, March 1 found me on the road to Wekiva Springs State Park in Apopka for a week long paint out. I arrived about noon and was painting by 12:30. As the afternoon wore on more and more artists pulled in and set up to work.
That evening Bill and Mary Sue Weinaug, new owners of the Wekiva Marina, hosted a wonderful dinner for us. This was billed as a fried catfish dinner. So we assumed it would be the traditional, newspaper on the tables, plastic utensils and paper cups. Not so! A huge party tent was set up, tables adorned with beautiful flowers, music was playing and the catered dinner was terrific!!!
This paint out has become a highlight of the year for all the artists. Yes, it is hard work...painting from sun up to after dark. But, after the work is done each evening, we gather to talk shop and catch up on family news.
I had to leave Thursday morning (7 AM) for Miami. I arrived at the Riviera Country Club in Coral Gables about 1PM to hang my work. There was just enough time to go back to my counsin's house to shower and change before returning at 5:30 for the artists dinner featuring Oysters Rockefeller, NY Strip Loin, Pan Seared Scottish Salmon, Roasted Dijon Herb Coated Loin of Pork, all kinds of desserts and beverages.
At 7 PM the doors to the gallery where the art was displayed were opened. All artists were in their place to great the guests and talk about their art. This is always a wonderful evening with everyone dressed in their finest, enjoying fine food and drink...and buying art!
I slept in Friday morning, but was on the road again about 1 PM headed for Ft. Pierce. I stayed that night with friends on their ranch, which is like being in a wildlife park. As we sat in rocking chairs on the front porch the deer began to appear out of the palmettos. Soon there was a herd of about 15 grazing in front of us. Then sandhill cranes flew in and of course, wild turkeys.
Friday morning found me at the Backus Museum in Ft. Pierce for the Backus Festival. I set up my easel and began to paint about 10 AM. As a Backus student, I had been invited to paint in the museum and talk to people about Bean -- which are two of my favorite things to do. The day went quickly and it was closing time before I knew it.
I arrived home Sunday afternoon with both my husband and puppy happy to see me. It had been a long, hard week, but I would do it again. And, probably will next year.